Trayvon: Another Southern Lynchin!!

Trayvon: Another Southern Lynchin!!

“nor shall any state deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law.” — from the 14th Amendment

From: Strange Fruit “Black bodies swingin in da southern breeze
… Strange Fruit hangin from da Poplar Trees”(Billy Holiday)

Ask Africans lynched for nothin bout “Due Process”
They’ll tell you bout American “Just-Us
and they act like “What’s all the fuss bout this time?
bout Trayvon being shot with a 9
strange fruit left to rot in da son could shed some light
on this rhyme that atcually at least symbolicaly
Trayvon was really “Hung from a Pine” Yes! our
beloved youth once again became “Strange Fruit”
Ask those Africans bout “Due Process” They know
sumpin bout some “American Just-Us!!
by,Shareef Abdur-Rasheed,March 22 2012


About zakirflo

I'm a "ol" School family patrioch 9 children ,41 Grandchildren. Product of the Social/Political "60's" consciousness. CriticalThinker,Spoken Word Artist, Human rights Champion/activist.Writer,Lover of truth & Justice.
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