The False Concept of “Races” is the Nucleus of White institutionalized Racism!

‎”The “Nucleus” of White Institutionalized Racism which is the engine that drives racism as we know it. The FALSE concept of “Races” automatically sets the table to divide mankind. It is the bedrock that developes subconscious mindsets that stay with people for a lifetime. results are devastating and immensely effective in developing supremist idology”
Kulu Nas,Ya Bani Adam (aws)
(All Mankind,Oh Children of Adam,peace be upon him)

Oh Children of Adam(aws) little or no suprise
you have been the subject of blatant lies
and upon reflection one can sumize this is
designed to divide,weakin and compromise
it’s time to act and extract the lie to discern and
learn the facts how Mankind is really comprised
not of races but instead “Nations and Tribes”
it has been accepted we’re all apart of the
humanrace or Mankind that we all agree
so why then is it hard to see to say a race is
comprised of races is redundant, a falacy
to make us understand that’s like saying
the make up of a hand is a hand!The definition
of meticulous is “meticulous” wouldn’t that be
ridiculous? i’m just sayin the concept or mind set
of races make us see eachother as “Alien” or
other never to really accept that we are all brothers
that sets the table to render mankind unable to be
truely ambitous to achive unity because we’re
really suspicous of one another and see our fellow
man as other not our brother,to brainwashed to
overstand,and that my friend has been and is the “Plan”!!

“Oh Mankind! We have created you from a male and a female
and made you into”Nations and Tribes”that you may know one
another(not dispise eachother) Verily,the most honorable
of you with Allah is the one who has “Taqwa”(who fears Allah)
He is the one who is “Pious” Verily Allah is the “All Knowing!
The All Aware!! Qu’ran:49,13
by,Shareef Abdur-Rasheed,April 07 2012


About zakirflo

I'm a "ol" School family patrioch 9 children ,41 Grandchildren. Product of the Social/Political "60's" consciousness. CriticalThinker,Spoken Word Artist, Human rights Champion/activist.Writer,Lover of truth & Justice.
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