W.I.R (White Institutional Racism) The Engine That Runs ” Humankind Division”

‎”White Institutionalized Racism”Is a major engine that drives racism as we know it. The FALSE concept of “Races” automatically sets the table to divide mankind. It is the bedrock that developes subconscious mindsets that stay with people for a lifetime. results are devastating and immensely effective in developing supremist idology”

I resently wrote the above note to go to the heart of this complex critical issue which has been around since time memorial in one form or another but with simular results given the basic dynamics of “Injustice &Oppression” White Supremacy or any other Manifistation of low base raw lust fueled by the need to be in control and connected to other human weaknesses such as greed has not diminished in 2012 in the U.S.A or anywhere else for that matter. There are many components to this phenomena to the extent that it would take exaustive amount of research and commentary. That being said let me at least touch on some critical points that are at the heart of this topic.Racism like any “Schismism” Made by and for man often to manipulate the masses is one manifistation of arrogance,greed ,selfishness that are promoted by Capitalism which under the false concept of promoting “Free enterprise” is in fact tailor made to amass great wealth and power by a few at the expense of the many thus causing mankind to be divided into classes. It is a oxymoron to use “Democracy” and “Capitalism in the same breath. Capitalism makes a democratic system “Null and Void” The proof is in the pudding. Racism is just one manifistation of greedy men plotting to divide the masses and thus minimizing the chance for real reform that would make the distribution of wealth and power more equal. There is a myrid of social/economic advantages to implementing this Grand Plan. Take for instance the “Prison Indusrial Complex” a multi Billion dollar industry that uses Youth of color primarily “African Americans” as “Canon Fadar” to be the life blood to promote and keep that enormous enterprise afloat. The ripple effect of this grand scheme is hugh, creating many interesting but disturbing dynamics. One in particular is the “White Wanna Be” who wants to a part of what he or she precives as the “Road to Success” totally abandoning any “Morality,Justice,Compassion in the process. The table is set to perpetuate this “House/vs/Field” conflict that was touched on by Malcolm X and others. The system at its core promotes and supports the continuation of this evil for it’s “Vested Interest” fueling the most bass low disires that have and continue to plague mankind,To summarize Trayvons Tragic murder is a by-product of the above mentioned reality and unfortunately there will be many more Trayvons and George Zimmermans no matter how many times we march or shout “No Justice,No Peace”!!



About zakirflo

I'm a "ol" School family patrioch 9 children ,41 Grandchildren. Product of the Social/Political "60's" consciousness. CriticalThinker,Spoken Word Artist, Human rights Champion/activist.Writer,Lover of truth & Justice.
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