Selective Concern

 “Food 4 Thought”  The Media & public reaction to the resent tragic carnage in the extention or manifistation of several realities. One is that society in general and “so called” white folks in particular have a very selective way of expressing Grief and outrage when these tragic events occur.This is underscored by Major Corperate Media handling of these all to frequent tragedies. One reality that nobody talks about or is even conscious of is the long standing organized agenda known as“White Institutionalized Racism” Much of the way people respond or not to events of this nature is effected or impacted by this Evil Agenda that is overt/covert,in your face or disguised none the less very much alive in 2012. It has lent to the most base low human moral frailties creating and promoting “Wanabes” the world over playing on the Arrogance that plagues Mankind. Consciously or sub-consciously this feeds the disease of “Me & Them,Us & other. the peverbial “Level Playing Field” which  remains “Unlevel” and the selective way people choose their “Tragedies” are another manifistation of this reality. How many Black & Latino youth have been murdered in Chicago,LA,Detriot,etc.on the regular? Much ,much more then 26 try hundreds even thousands! What outcry has come from the same people who express rage and disbelief concerning this latest,but certainly not the last tragedy, when these murders occur in the Ghetto’s in this “Land of the Free”! on a sustained on going basis. Like Marvin said “Who really cares?”

P.S This is just domestic (National) Gun violence visited on our youth constantly and not even mentioning the violent carnage visited on children the world over including the innocent babies murdered in cold blood by American drone Attacks that cross into sovereign lands with impunity in places like Pakistan! TO FIGHT TERRORISM…???



About zakirflo

I'm a "ol" School family patrioch 9 children ,41 Grandchildren. Product of the Social/Political "60's" consciousness. CriticalThinker,Spoken Word Artist, Human rights Champion/activist.Writer,Lover of truth & Justice.
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